Downloading and Installing a Metatrader Custom Indicator

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Download the new indicator folder to your computer.

The Indicators will be sent in a Zip file. Please extract the contents from the Zip File to your computer.

Open the Indicator folder that was extracted from the Zip File.

Select the included file (filename.ex4) and Copy it.

Paste the indicator file into your existing Metatrader 4 platform indicators folder.

Your Metatrader 4 folder is located here -> From the Top Menu of Metatrader Platform, click on File -> Open Data Folder

A folder will open up, you want to go into MQL4 folder

and then into Indicators folder and place the new indicators here.

Close your Metatrader Platform if it is open.

Open your Metatrader Platform again to refresh new settings.


Add the New Indicator to the Chart

Navigate by clicking from the Top Menu on Metatrader – INSERT -> INDICATORS -> CUSTOM -> NEW INDICATOR NAME

Press OK.

You should now see the Indicator on your chart.

To Edit the Indicator

Navigate by clicking from the Top Menu – CHARTS -> INDICATORS LIST











or by Right Clicking on Chart and Selecting INDICATORS LIST

Double Click on the Indicator Name to edit the settings.


When finished with the settings click OK and then Close.

Your indicator should be updated.

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