Forecasting Game FAQs

What is the Forecasting Game?

The forecasting game is aiming to be a fun and friendly competition that allows anyone to participate and make predictions on major financial market prices. All that is required is to create an account in our Game Section and log in before you make your forecasts. We will email all players when scores are published and when the forecast deadline is approaching each month.

How do you keep score?

We are going to tally each player’s score for each month and publish the leaders for that month. We are also going to add up monthly scores and publish the scores for the all-time leaders.

What happens if I submit my forecasts without being logged into my account?

We recommend that you log into your account and resubmit your forecasts. Your scores will then be attached to your username.

How do I know if I am logged into my account?

In the right sidebar under the “My Account” section, you will see your account name (which means you are logged in) or you will see a blank username and password (which means you are logged out).

What happens if I submit multiple forecasts for 1 username?

We will take the most recent forecast by date as your forecast and disregard the others.

PRIVACY: Can I see my data? Can I delete My Account?

Yes and Yes. First, we recommend that you please make your account as anonymous as you like (username, public name and email).

Next, to request your data, log into your account, underneath your account image, click on Settings. There should be an “Export Data” option. Click on that and then click on “Request Personal Data Export”. The data will be emailed to you shortly after we receive the request.

To delete your account, log into your account, underneath your account image, click on Settings, then click on Delete Account. Follow the directions to delete your account. If any issues arise, please email us and we will manually delete your account for you.

Can I contact you with questions, concerns or comments?

Yes, please email us here.