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Play our Financial Markets Forecasting Game

Compete each month against other players to see who can most closely predict major financial market prices. Submit your forecasts once a month to predict the next month's closing price for major markets such as USD Index, Gold, SP500, Bitcoin & more...

Player leaderboards will highlight the highest scoring players in the game and will be updated monthly.

To join the forecasting game: please follow these steps

1. Please register for a new account in this game section of our site (if you are signed up to our email newsletters or if you have a premium membership - please register a new account for this game that will be your public game profile)

2. Once you have signed up, please check your email for your account activation link - click on the link and activate your account.

3. Log into your account and make your forecasts.

*IMPORTANT! - You must be logged into your account to make your forecasts.

See our game FAQs here

If you run into any problems, have questions or comments, feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you out.