USDJPY remains on strong bullish pace this week over 102.00

2013.11.28 13:30 6:30AM ET | USDJPY Currency Pair

Here are the current Pivot Points Levels with Support (S) and Resistance (R) for the USDJPY currency pair today. Price action is currently trading over the daily pivot point at the 102.215 price level, according to data at 6:30 AM ET. The USDJPY high for the day has been 102.269 while the low of day reached to 101.928. The pair opened the Asian trading session earlier today above the daily pivot and despite a dip in early trading, has trended back higher over the course of the day.

SC USDJPY 2013.11.28

Daily Pivot Point: 101.834
— S1 – 101.484
— S2 – 100.820
— S3 – 100.470
— R1 – 102.498
— R2 – 102.848
— R3 – 103.512

Weekly Pivot Points: USDJPY

Prices are currently trading sharply over the weekly pivot point at time of writing. The USDJPY has been on a strong bullish pace this week after opening the trading week above the weekly pivot and has extended its bullish trend above the weekly R1 resistance level to over 102.00.

SC USDJPY 2013.11.28

Weekly Pivot Point: 100.718
— S1 – 100.093
— S2 – 98.937
— S3 – 98.312
— R1 – 101.874
— R2 – 102.499
— R3 – 103.655

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