VIDEO: Syria, Debt Ceiling Worry Has Markets Questioning Fed Taper

Until recently, it looked like a sure bet that the U.S. Federal Reserve would announce the beginning of the end of its massive bond buying program in September. Now, investors are less certain. The prospect of Western military action against Syria has sent stock markets worldwide reeling. And another potential showdown over the federal debt ceiling limit is looming this fall.

VIDEO: Lance Bass on ‘N Sync Tour, Miley Cyrus

Lance Bass says he enjoyed the ‘N Sync performance at this year’s MTV VMAs but admits that ‘it ain’t no lie, it’s still bye bye bye’ for the group, on getting back together at the moment. He also talks about Miley Cyrus’ appearance. (August 27)

VIDEO: Rough Seas for America’s Cup

The world’s premiere sailing race starts next month in San Francisco. But as AP’s Haven Daley reports, concerns about the America’s Cup include small crowds and a fatal accident which has some wondering if the high-tech boats are too dangerous. (Aug. 27)