US 10-Year Treasury Speculators added to bearish positions last week


Weekly CFTC Net Speculator Report

10 Year Treasuries: Large trader and speculators added to their bearish positions last week for 10-year treasury notes in the futures markets and pushed 10-year notes to their most bearish position of 2013. 10-year treasury non-commercial contracts totaled a net position of -110,825 contracts in the data reported for August 27th. This is a drop of -85,985 contracts from the previous week’s total of -24,840 net contracts on August 20th.

In the same time-frame, the yield on the 10 Year treasury note declined from 2.82 on Tuesday August 20th to 2.72 on Tuesday August 27th, according to US Treasury data.


Last 6 Weeks of Large Trader Positions

Date Net Large Specs Weekly Change 10 Year Yield
07/23/2013 -32312 -50047 2.53
07/30/2013 11903 44215 2.63
08/06/2013 -20096 -31999 2.67
08/13/2013 -66432 -46336 2.71
08/20/2013 -24840 41592 2.82
08/27/2013 -110825 -85985 2.72

*COT explanation: The weekly cot report summarizes the total trader positions for open contracts in the futures trading markets. The CFTC categorizes trader positions according to commercial hedgers (traders who use futures contracts for hedging as part of the business), non-commercials (large traders who speculate to realize trading profits) and nonreportable traders (usually small traders/speculators).

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