News Update-Gun Sales, Concealed Weapons Permits Spike in CO

07/25/2012 For you are watching The Financial News Network.There must me something in the water of Colorado. As the nation turns it’s attention to the Joker’s massacre and the tragedy that ensued, many individuals have turned to buying firearms. Now, it is not uncommon for people to go out and buy guns after a tragedy close to home. It is one way people cope to make themselves feel better. But the spike in gun sales and permits to carry a concealed firearm seem to have spiked unusually high recently. Colorado reports that they passed 2,887 background checks this past weekend –43% more than the weekend before and a quarter more than the average weekend this year. Coincidence? Not Likely.Another possible reason for the spike in sales centers around enthusiasts who see the deadly effectiveness of weapons through the news in the wake of incidences like this. Apparently a massacre is the best advertising for a weaponBut if you pay attention to the news, both Romney and President Obama have spoken about the troubling incident at the Colorado movie theater, but neither one has addressed the national gun control laws. Their avoidance of the issue tells us this is bound to be a hot topic come the elections. Many gun enthusiasts are fearful of a national crackdown. As a result, these enthusiasts begin to stockpile weapons and ammo before their liberties are curtailed. Some people think that Obama is waiting for re-election before imposing stricter regulations regarding guns, while others believe he has bigger fish to fry.Regardless, the number of guns sold is still overshadowed by the number of hearts that have gone out to everyone involved . For more news and updates, keep watching or follow us on twitter @fnnonline.