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By Zac Storella,

Today, I am pleased to bring you a new forex interview with forex trader, blogger and trading teacher Casey Stubbs. Casey is an active trader and founded the forex website in 2009. His site focuses on educational tutorials, insightful blog posts and forex trading tools.

Q: How did you become involved in the forex trading world? Was there something specifically attractive to you about the fx markets?

I got involved in the forex markets in 2008 after trading Stocks for since the early 90’s. I moved to Forex because of the great trend trading and also because of the leverage and great price action movement.

Q: What markets do you mostly trade and do you have any preference on the currency pairs you trade?

I mostly trade forex and I mainly trade dollar based pairs but will also trade some of the yen crosses.

Casey Stubbs Forex Trading interview


Q: How did you get your trading education? Did you learn by demo trading, did you have a mentor?

I got my trading education from purchasing several forex courses and reading tons of free stuff online. Also from attending live forex training available at the trading expo’s I have made friends with many traders that I like to discuss my trades with. I recommend all traders should develop relationships with other traders.

Q: How often do you trade, are you a full-time trader? Do you trade longer or shorter times?

I make one or two trades per day I am not a full time trader as I also spend a great deal of time running several businesses.  I only spend a few hours a day trading and the other times working. I base all of my trades on the weekly and daily time frames. I find entries on the lower time frames.

Q: Do you use more technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and/or sentiment analysis in your decision making for trades?

I use mainly technical analysis because I believe that the charts will tell you when sentiment is changing if you look at the longer time frame trades,

Q: Do you have any favorite economic indicators or favorite technical indicators that you feel are most reliable?

I believe that the Price is the best indicator available and use it in conjunction with the trend and support and resistance levels.

Q: Is there any market(s) that you generally feel is important to keep an eye on, maybe that are outside of the ones that you trade?

I dont watch any other markets.

Q: Do you have any advice to anyone that may be just starting out in forex trading? Is there anything in particular that you wish you had learned when you started out?

Yes I do my advice is that traders must manage risk at all times. The key to profits is managing risk, which means taking a trade and attempting to gain as much as you can with as little risk. It is easier said than done but if you can do that you will be successful.

Q: Thank you very much for participating in this interview with me. For those out there who may have not heard of, could you give us a little summary of what it is and the best way for our readers to find out more?

We provide free fundamental and technical analysis on our blog and we also have some great tools for traders in our tools section. The forex power indicator gauges a currencies strength and pairs the week and strong currencies together. I highly recommend traders check them out.

Thank you Casey for taking the time to answer my questions. To see more of Casey’s blog posts and forex trading tools be sure to visit his site at


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