Take Advantage Of The Cost Free Methods Of Acquiring Forex Trading Education

By Cedric Welsch

Learning to trade on the currency market takes time and careful study. Several websites offer free classes and numerous other resources. These serve the beginner up to the advanced trader. They bring an online forex education within the grasp of every investor.

The best educational websites deliver a world of content at no cost. They offer sequential courses as well as blogs, forums, and online tools. Some even offer free videos and eBooks. With a subscription, some of these websites offer one-on-one training with a trading expert.


BabyPips offers classes ranging from preschool to grade fourteen and then college. They start with simple topics that explain the basics of the market, and then advance to more complex topics, like “Brokers 101.” With free registration, BabyPips allows students to chart their progress through the grades.

BabyPips also offers blogs, like “Piponomics” and “Loonie Adventures of a Forex Noob”. They offer forums for discussion grouped by topics and by education level. In addition, they offer online tools, like an economic calendar, a currency converter, and multiple calculators.


Students at Forex4Noobs are in training to become FX Ninjas. Classes advance through five belts: white, yellow, green, brown, and black. They offer free videos and webinars in addition to blogs and forums. In addition, the site features live trade videos and free eBooks. They claim that they will help investors to quit their day jobs to become full-time traders.

Forex Trading and Education

FX Trading and Education appeals to the intermediate and advanced traders. The site creator, Vic Noble, was a futures broker and has traded forex for over thirty years. The site offers free classes from “How to Trade Using Support and Resistance Levels” to “Top 20 Killer Trader Mistakes”.

Noble also offers a free video trading example every week. Old examples are archived for access at any time. In addition, he posts interviews with successful traders so that readers are always getting a fresh perspective from the real world. For a subscription, he offers Live Connect, which offers one-on-one training in weekly classes.

It is pointless to pay hundreds of dollars to learn about currency. Many no-cost programs offer an excellent array of materials. With materials for the beginner up to the seasoned investor, all of these sites offer a rigorous training regimen. They also offer contact with fellow traders via forums. Some even offer one-on-one tutoring. Overall, each site offers a top-notch forex education.

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