Interview with Jason K. Product Manager of new Forex Platform cTrader

By Zac,

Today, I am very pleased to bring you a new forex interview with Jason K, the product manager from cTrader Ltd. The cTrader is a relatively new forex trading platform that is visually stunning, state of the art and looks to have a very bright future in the forex industry.

Q: Can you briefly explain what cTrader is and who are the ideal candidates to use cTrader?

cTrader is as we say ‘Your gateway to Forex ECN’. The ideal candidates are true ECN brokers, whose main objective is to provide highest quality services to their clients. cTrader is destined for exceptional usability and its sole purpose is to become a number one preference for every broker and trader. Our goal is to provide the ideal platform to Forex traders and constantly perfecting it with their help.

Q: What can one expect when using the platform?

People will find that we have put much thought and effort in building cTrader. Besides our expert developers and designers, there are professional traders in our team. We have combined our powers to achieve the supreme results. So not only cTrader is a technological masterpiece, it will satisfy the most demanding traders. We are constantly working hard, to satisfy the needs of every user. We are receiving lots of very helpful feedback, from our dear users, who constantly propose ways how we could improve cTrader for them to enjoy it even more.

Q: On your website, there is a tongue-in-cheek thank you to your competitors for providing inspiration to create cTrader. Can you explain the reasoning behind building cTrader?

We are really grateful to our competitors, for leaving us a niche we can conquer. We have learned from their mistakes and made their weaknesses into our strengths. While observing the market and the competition, we learned that other software vendors lack interest in developing and updating their software. What has been great years ago, haven’t improved nor has it evolved. Forex traders had to accept and handle with what they were presented. None of the solutions available in the market has focused on what people need, only on what Brokers do. So we are really grateful, for our competitors staying in the ‘stone age’ state. The constant disappointment in them was the reason why cTrader was born.



Q: How do you feel cTrader stands out from your competitors?

cTrader is a user friendly trading platform, which brings transparency to Forex market. cTrader is a completely conflict free software. Not only its conflict free between brokers and traders, it is impossible to manipulate the market and alter the real-time results. We completely prevent any manipulations.

Although we have a user’s guide, barely anyone will need it. The platforms features are intuitive and built for ease of use. We have chosen the best composition of features, which are always on display. People appreciate the ‘QuickTrade’ features. We have minimized the number of clicks, which save valuable time when trader is in need of fast and accurate execution. The ‘Detachable Charts’ feature is perfect, when you want to concentrate on just the chart. Even when the chart is detached, as a standalone feature, all the trading functionality is available and comfortably placed.

As for the ‘Multiple Chart’ mode, cTrader uses the in-house developed ‘Smart-Size’ technology, which allows unlimited amount of charts being displayed in the best available manner. The technology adopts and resizes the charts, whenever there are changes to the cTraders’ window size. The ‘Expanded Symbol Display’ is a very valuable part of xTrader. In it you see all the available currency pairs for trading. In the symbol display you are able to set the ‘Limit Order’, add the currency pair to ‘Favorites’, open its chart, get detailed information about the symbol, see the spread, the daily ‘High’ and ‘Low’, choose volume and immediately buy or sell. All-in-one. Also, it is very easy and comfortable to switch between multiple accounts with the ‘Account Bar’. Select and login immediately to a preferred account. Let’s not forget the constantly updated, technical analysis tools. People will find that the available tools are easily imposed and removed and extremely easily edited.

Q: What do you feel are the best features or greatest strengths of cTrader? Is there any feature that may get overlooked?

Besides the Graphical User Interface, the strength lies behind the scenes. To make implemented features intuitive and easy to use was as much exciting as it was hard. But besides the time-consuming usability,

there was a magnificent amount of effort put in the connectivity, stability, security and execution. cTrader is excellent when it comes to these four challenges. We have numerous user compliments about the execution. It is almost instant. When the user launches cTrader, the platform chooses and selects the best available proxy settings, to achieve great connectivity. Our proxy cloud has a world-wide reach, for people to trade with confidence in almost any spot of our planet. We have done and are still doing constant back-testing, which helped us achieve immense stability of our platform. One of the core features – is safety and anonymity of every trader. Every person can feel protected when trading. We are using the most up-to-date technologies to keep everyone secure.

Q: Regarding the platform, is there any way to add custom technical indicators that may not come standard in the software?

Not yet. This possibility will be available in the future. There is so much to do and as sad as it may be, we can’t do everything at once. For time being, we ask traders to send us requests on what indicators they want to be included. We will satisfy the requests in the upcoming monthly releases.

Q: Do you offer a support platform, portal or forum for users if they run into any issues?

Yes, we do indeed. We ask people to engage us in conversation, via our social communities in ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’, by writing us an email, calling us by phone or ‘Skype’. We also answer questions in the popular Forex forums. We will come, wherever traders are in need of us. We are not hiding behind our corporate badge. In the future, as soon as we have the programming language available, we will have a forum in which users can discuss and share their observations and talk to us directly.

Q: If a trader is interested in finding out more about cTrader, testing and maybe trading on the platform, what would be your advice?

The best way to find out more about cTrader is to visit our website. We provide detailed information about the platform and it’s features. We are always ready to tell more about cTrader to everyone, who contacts us. The best way, to test it before going ‘Live’ would be either opening a ‘Practice Account’ via our website or through our client FxPro. We are very happy, that FxPro – one of the leading Forex brokers, has chosen our platform, to go with their new ECN accounts. Together we are providing, one of the best trading opportunities, for traders who want to experience true ECN Forex nature.

Q: Is there any other aspect of cTrader that you feel is important that we may have not touched on?

The most important thing for us is user feedback. We are constantly awaiting and thankful for the valuable feedback we are getting. We encourage people to engage us in conversation via our ‘Feedback Tab’ in our website, platform and Facebook page and we never ignore it. We have worked very hard, to bring cTrader and in return we only ask your kind opinion and suggestions on how we can make cTrader even better. Together with your help, we will keep on getting closer to achieve our main goal – to provide the perfect Forex trading platform. Thank You.

Thank you Jason for taking the time to share your time and information in our latest forex interview. To find out more about cTrader and to try out the platform, visit ctrader at