The world’s leading forex trading companies

1. TransMarket(TMG) – The main leader in the financial markets
Founded in 1980, officially changed its name to TransMarket Group in 1984. Headquartered in Chicago, is a large financial group collected of foreign exchange, futures, securities license. Owns the world’s most advanced trading systems MT4. TMG is a regular licensed securities and futures foreign exchange dealers. regulated By the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) and the Australian regulatory ASIC. FSA ID:196476, ASIC ID:099 118 448.

America’s largest foreign exchange companies. Headquarters are located in New York. Accept the NFA regulation, but the stability of the platform are criticized. NFA ID: 0308179

From the United States, a foreign exchange company. MT4 trading software

4. MG
One of the largest American foreign exchange companies set up in 1993. DealStationFX forex trading software

5. MIG
To provide online foreign exchange trading, a professional Swiss company, established in 2003. MT4 trading software

One of the largest American foreign exchange companies. Created by a group of experienced professionals of Wall Street in 1999. Accept the NFA regulation. NFA ID: 0339826.

7. IFX and FX Solutions IFX
IFX is one of the world’s largest foreign exchange margin trading dealer. NFA ID: 0327627.
FX Solutions is a major market maker (PMM) in foreign exchange market, and represents the world’s highest foreign exchange trading industry standards. GTS platform. Spreads are relatively high. NFA ID: 0312620.

8. Alpari
A British foreign exchange dealers, accept the British FSA and American NFA regulation. MT4 trading software.

The customer funds deposited in the “Malta” country. MT4 trading software.

10. CMS
CMS registered in NFA and FSA, one of the world’s largest foreign exchange trader. VT platform.

11. Forex Club
Forex Club International Finance Corporation is a foreign exchange dealers registered in the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission and National Futures Association CFTC (NFA ID:0358265). EXPRESS FX platform.

12. PFG
An old American foreign exchange dealers, one of the largest American foreign exchange dealers, accept NFA NFA regulatory. ID: 0232217

13. GFT
GFT was founded in 1997, the general size of the company, Australian Financial Services License Number: 226625 Recommended platform: DealBook

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