Top Forex Trading Indicators for successful trading

By ProIndicators – If want your Forex trading to become successful, then there is a need for Forex indicators. These will help you in achieving an improved marketing timing together with the trading signals. There are some Forex trading indicators that are considered as the best, and you can use all of them to have bigger Forex profits. These trading indicators need to be combined since they should work hand in hand. Using only one would be useless. Below are the best Forex indicators, how to use them and to combine them. Keep in mind that these trading indicators are easy to use, thus knowledge of calculation is not needed.

Bollinger Bands

These are trading indicators that determine the instability of price. Indicator is made up of 3 bands, one on the middle and two on the sides. The middle band is used for simple average, while the two side bands show the volatility of a market. What is the use of volatility? When it is high, you will have a retracement back to the mid band. This will allow you to have opposing trades that will conflict on the high volatility. In addition to the simple average, the mid band is also used as value in strong trends. Therefore, you can buy and afterwards, have it sold. Bollinger bands provide you trading set ups, however you should not perform the trading signals if you did not confirm them with momentum indicators.

The Stochastic

It is the great momentum indicator used for market timing. It is that great that every dealer should be aware of. It is used to determine if the momentum is strong or weak. It can also determine if a market is being oversold or overbought. Among the trading indicators, this is one that is very easy to use and also very effective. A very simple strategy of using it is to have two stochastic lines and then trade their crossovers. These can be used for trend following or for contrary trades.

Relative Strength Index RSI

This is developed by Wells Wilder, a trading legend. It provides an indication of the strength of a trend, which can be seen at a glance only. If this will go along with your insight of the trend, you can stick with it. However, if it will diverge from your perception, then you have three options. You can either have a potential opportunity for your trading, trade on another way, or shut in some of your profits.

Average Directional Movement ADX

This gives a sign if the market is consolidating or if it is in a trend. Moreover, it keeps in line with the finest trends and it can also indicate if a great profit is taking place. Once the ADX line reach 40 and lowers down, it signals that you are having a profit taking. You should be observable of this because it can save a lot of your money over your trading career.

Moving Averages

This is not very popular; however it is one of the best trading indicators that you can use. This is simply because the 20 day MA is applicable when there is a temporary spike of short time price.

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