Gold Testing All-Time High, Again

By Russell Glaser – Spot gold prices have surged and are closing in on their all-time high. Negative risk sentiment surrounding the recovery of the global economy and renewed inflation fears have caused traders to once again begin to bid the price of gold higher.

The price of spot gold yesterday up at $1,246.75, after opening the day at $1,236.75.

Spot gold prices have climbed off of their lows of $1,156. The rebound in the price comes as fears of a double dip recession and slowing global economic growth are weighing on the market, influencing traders to buy gold as a safe haven asset.

Negative fundamentals from the US housing sector may be influencing traders. A lack of confidence and spending has ensued since the US government ended the subsidies it enacted to support the lagging housing sector.

Yesterday’s release of the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting minutes provided an insight into the Fed’s thought. The Fed voted 9-1 to keep the Fed’s balance sheet at its current level by purchasing treasuries as the MBS that the Fed hold on its books expire. Dissent was voiced during the 2 days meeting as many FOMC members felt deflation was not an issue. However, they did express their views that higher inflation could return if the Fed did not drain the excess liquidity from the money supply.

Other factors that may be moving the price of spot gold higher are heavier trade volumes as traders return to their trading desks from the summer holidays. Also wedding season in India during the fall months typically spurs an uptick in the demand for gold.

Turning to the weekly chart, a rising trend line begins at the end of September of 2009 with the price making 3 points of contact with the trend line. This indicates this is a significant trend line. Momentum points to a price move higher as the Momentum (7) is sloping higher.

The all-time high of $1,265 looks to be in range with support appearing at $1,224, (S1) followed by $1,156 (S2).

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