Forex Interview with a champ: “Together we can only get better”

By eToroelgreko922, winner of the latest traders championship
shares his trading tips with eToro’s community


Age: 39

Country: Greece

Family status: Married

Occupation: CEO @ financial company

Experience: stockbroker since 1998

Initial deposit in eToro: 10,000 Euros

Trading Mantra: Leave losses behind and look towards future gains.

Preferred currency: euro

Hobbies: trading, my family, music and trading

Q: Why are you trading with eToro?

A: Very good interface. I believe in startups and I heard very good things about eToro which turned out to be true.

Q: How did you hear about eToro?

A: From a trading index in a web site.

Q: What is the most important lesson you learned about trading so far?

A: Follow your chart and your instinct above all.

Q: What is the most important tip you can give to a novice trader?

A: Never take trading personally. When you take a loss you should never take it as a serious personal failure. These things happen and you’ll hit another one winner soon for sure.

Q: Please give me a general description of your trading technique/strategy?

A: I am listening the news, any kind of financial news, watching the charts and getting signals.

Q: Did your Account manager help you to improve your trading?

A: I am on the phone with him everyday at least 3 times a day. Usually I do the opposite he is telling me but he keeps on the edge. I get the most and I value a lot his suggestions. Best A.M.  as far as I know

Q: Please recommend a trade to our readers?

A: EUR/JPN and GBP/JPN are presenting a lot of opportunities.

Q: How long did it take you before you started to make profit?

A: In two days I was on the top.

Q: How much money do you currently trade with?

A: 10,000

Q: What is your number one trading rule?

A: Never try to get what you lost. Look towards the future rather than try to make up for past losses.

Q: What is the part you love the most about eToro?

A: The interface and my account manager (Steve Green).

Q: How much money you WD from eToro so far?

A: About 20,000

Q: How did you learn to trade (alone/books/course/eToro/AM/magazine/over the net)?

A: I was working in several investment banks before I retired back home. Some of them were Barclays Capital, UBS, Bank of America, e.t.c

Your message to the eToro’s community: Keep trading and keeping supporting eToro and each other, together we can only get better.

Q: How much profit you made so far with eToro?

A: Over 10,000.

Forex Interview provided by eToro

Disclaimer: Trading in the Foreign Exchange market might carry potential rewards, but also potential risks. You must be aware of the risks and are willing to accept them in order to trade in the foreign exchange market. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose.