Disappointing U.S. Macro Data Hit Markets Yesterday

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Plenty of important macro data from the U.S. was published yesterday. Investors were disappointed by the figures and responded mainly by moving away from riskier assets. At first U.S. Durable Goods came negative at -1%, at 12:30GMT later at 18:00GMT Beige book revealed a gloomy outlook for U.S. economy. Although company earnings are still high, yesterday fears about recovery came back to dominate the markets.

Economic News

USD – Traders Shift from EU Debts Concern to U.S. Economic Outlook

U.S. macro data came far less than expected. Investors responded by moving away from riskier assets back to buying the Yen and U.S. Dollar. The EUR/USD was slightly down after U.S Durable Goods was published, The USD/JPY traded lower, currently trading at $87.22 as investors feel safer holding the Yen over the USD. The British Pound continued to rally against the U.S. Dollar, despite the move to safer assets.

U.S. demand for Durable Goods, which is usually a sign for economic strength, came negative at -1.0%. Forecasts which already expected a form of decline from last month were more moderate than the actual figure. Traders were surprised by the final figure and reacted by sending markets lower. Later the Beige Book was released by the Fed during mid U.S. day trading. It provided a mixed economic picture but eventually supported the markets from declining further. The report said that the U.S. economy was growing but there were also signs of a slowdown in some regions over the past two months.

Looking ahead to today, traders should follow the release of the Unemployment Claims at 12:30 GMT. A worse than expected result might intensify the current trend and strengthen the greenback further.

EUR – EUR’s Recent Rally Losing Steam

EUR’s rally against its major counterparts stumbled yesterday as new economic data raised fears about the strength of global economic recovery, with the common currency ending lower against its major counterparts.

EUR/USD ended slightly lower yesterday, reaching a low of 1.2968; however, it managed to recover some of its loses to currently trade at 1.3010. The pair seemed to trade without a clear trend and moved mostly sideways. The EUR/JPY, however sent more clear signs of a correction building up. The pair’s five days rally ended yesterday after it breached an 11 week high. Signals show that pair should further decline in coming days.

Looking ahead to today, traders are advised to follow the British HPI data at 6:00 GMT as well as the German Employment change at 7:55 GMT. Positive data might bring back some market optimism, pushing the Pound and EUR higher against their counterparts.

JPY – Strengthens on Safe Heaven appeal

The JPY strengthened against the U.S. Dollar yesterday as investors expressed their concerns about the U.S. economy by selling the U.S. Dollar and buying the Japanese Yen. The Yen traded higher against most of its major counterparts; however, a strong currency may ultimately weigh on the Japanese economy as it is heavily dependent on exports.

A strong Yen would have bad influence on profits of Japanese companies. Consequently the Japanese government might be forced to weaken their local currency. So far no comments were published regarding Government intervention. As long as the Japanese Bank avoids market intervention the Yen is expected to keep its strengthening momentum.

Looking ahead to today traders should pay attention to the $86.88 support line, crossing down might take the USD/JPY pair even lower. Some analysts estimate that that the Yen could even reach as high as $85 in the coming months.

Crude Oil – High U.S. Inventories Send Crude Oil Price Lower

Crude Oil prices ended lower yesterday after U.S Oil Inventories rose by 7.3M barrels. Lately this figure made little impact over Crude Oil prices but yesterday it came quite high compared with expectations of a 1.4M drop.

Demand for durables goods which also came surprisingly lower added to worries that demand for Oil would decrease in the near future as manufacturing declines. Crude Oil price might decline further in the short term if economic figures continue to deteriorate. Investors are worried about a possible double dip, meaning a renewed recession.

Gold price rebounded slightly during yesterday trading session. During the day it reached as low as $1156.25, but thereafter recovered and is currently trading at $1165 Gold price dropped after inflation worries began to fade and analysts begin to worry about another recession or economic slow down.

Technical News


The pair was relatively unchanged yesterday and as such has formed a 2nd consecutive doji candlestick which reflects the bulls and bears inability to move the price significantly. The RSI (14) has crossed below the overbought line, triggering a sell signal. But traders may want to be patient and wait for the RSI line to break its trend line before going short. A rising trend line can be drawn from the low of the RSI line that begins on June 4th.


The pound was stronger yesterday and has risen versus the dollar for the past 6 consecutive bars. This has pushed most oscillators into oversold territory as the Slow Stochastic is showing a bearish cross and the RSI (14) is floating in the oversold territory. However, before going short, traders may want to wait for a breach of a short term trend line that can begins at the bar on June 22nd.


A bearish flag pattern has formed on the 4-hour chart. The base of the flag pole begins at the high on June 14th and runs to the low for the pair at 86.25. The flag pattern is sloping upward with a previous downward trend. Therefore, a breakout may be expected to the downside in the direction of the long term trend. Traders may want to wait for a confirmation of the breakout at a price of 86.80 and enter short.


For the past 15 days the pair has traded in a defined range between the prices of 1.0650 and 1.0400. In this trading range a double bottom reversal pattern may be forming. A confirmation of the reversal pattern will be a close above the 1.0650 resistance line.

The Wild Card


The drop in the price of gold shows a potential reversal in the trend. The price has closed below the long term upward sloping trend line for the past two days, confirming a significant breach of the trend line and a breach below the support level of $1169. However, yesterday’s trading closed and formed a hanging man candlestick. This may signal an upturn in the price. CFD traders may find a good opportunity to go long on a breach above the $1169 resistance level.

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