US Dollar lower in Forex Trading today.


The U.S. dollar has been mostly lower in forex trading today against the other major currencies on a day without a major news release.  The dollar has for the most part stayed within recent trading ranges as currency pair movements have been very tame today . The dollar has been weaker versus 250150usdchangethe euro, British pound, Australian dollar, Swiss franc and New Zealand dollar while trading higher versus the Japanese yen.  The American currency has been about unchanged against the Canadian dollar.

The euro has advanced versus the dollar today as the EUR/USD has increased from its 1.4028 opening(00:00 GMT) to trading at 1.4080 in the late afternoon of the U.S. trading session at 4:19pm EDT according to currency data from Oanda.

The British pound has risen today as the GBP/USD has advanced from its 1.6474 opening exchange rate to trading at 1.6566 usd per gbp.

The dollar has traded higher versus the Japanese yen today and the pair is trading at 96.03 after opening at the day at the 95.45 exchange rate.

The dollar has been virtually unchanged today versus the Canadian loonie as the USD/CAD trades at the exchange rate of 1.1567 after opening the day at 1.1564.

The dollar has fallen against the Swiss franc as the USD/CHF trades at 1.0828 after opening at 1.0864 today.

The Australian and New Zealand dollars have both advanced higher today against the USD. The AUD/USD has climbed from its 0.8023 opening rate to trading at 0.8081 later this afternoon.  The NZD/USD has increased from its 0.6433 opening to trading at 0.6503 later today.

USD/JPY Chart – The US Dollar rises today versus the Japanese Yen in forex trading and advancing above the 96.00 exchange rate.

Today's Forex Chart
Today's Forex Chart