[Video] Socionomics Made Easy

[Video] Socionomics Made Easy

If you understand socionomics, you may also know it can be a challenge to explain to others. In his presentation from the 2012 Social Mood Conference, Robert Prechter provides a simple and wonderfully effective explanation of the vital role social mood plays in human behavior.

On April 13, 2013 some of today’s brightest names in the worlds of finance and research will convene for the 2013 Social Mood Conference. Among them are Todd Harrison from Minyanville, Jon Clifton from Gallup, Michelle Baddeley from Cambridge University, Tobias Preis from Warwick Business School, and Mark Buchanan from Bloomberg View. And that’s just a partial list of the impressive speakers gathered together by the Socionomics Institute. Join Robert Prechter — pioneer of socionomics and the study of social mood — and other groundbreaking presenters for a conference that will put you on the cutting edge of socionomics research!

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