The Rockers and Shockers of 2012


Dear Reader,

Welcome to the last edition of Money Morning for 2012.

And what a year it’s been! We’ve seen a lot…thought a lot…and written a lot.

Too much, according to one reader in our mailbag:

‘Too much bland talk before any subject matter, you lose your client before you start. People need facts, not words. Repeating the same information does not impress a potential client. Takes too long to even get to the start of subject. I just switch off!’

This note made us chuckle.

So in that spirit we thought it would be fun to end the year with a look back at the most talked-about articles from the year that’s soon-to-be-was.

See what we got right. What we got wrong. The rockers. The shockers. You be the judge!

We’ll be back with you as usual on Tuesday.

Until then, have a great celebration tonight and Happy New Year from us!

Kris and the team
Money Morning Australia

The End of the Debt Supercycle

In 1971, President Nixon abandoned the US dollar’s link to gold.

Ever since then the world has operated without any semblance of a monetary anchor.

The result? A coming implosion…

Grice: The Man with One Hand

It was something of a coup to have this banking insider agree to speak at our ‘After America’ conference earlier this year.

Here we recount a rare interview with the man himself, Dylan Grice…

After America: Fear, Hope, Risk and Opportunity

What to be concerned about…what to look forward to…where fortunes will be made…and where wealth will be lost forever…

What Isaac Newton Knew About House Prices

The boffins at the International Monetary Fund have finally found out what Sir Isaac Newton knew 325 years ago.

That is, every action creates an opposite and equal reaction.

It’s Newton’s Third Law. What does this have to do with Aussie houses prices?

Find out…

Three Reasons Why This Obscure Metal Could Take Off

Dr. Alex Cowie’s hot tip for 2012…was it a shocker or rocker?

Decide for yourself…

No Mr. President, They DID Build That!

The White House is waging a new war against freedom, free enterprise, and entrepreneurialism.

For all the proof you need watch this short video here and then read our rant…

The Resource Boom is Dead…but the Next Resource Boom Has Just Begun

The bears say new supply, a Chinese hard landing and a deflationary economy will knock commodity prices over and hold them down…

The bulls say central bank money-printing and the rising middle classes in Asia and Africa will put a rocket under demand for the next decade or more…

Which is it?

We Buy Gold Because We Don’t Trust Them Not to Meddle

A gentle reminder of why we hold gold…and recommend you do too.

Don’t Teach Your Man to Fish

Why the Monks from St Dogmael’s Abbey 1,000 years ago understood wealth better than your financial advisor today.

And what they can teach you about paying for your retirement…

Goldman Sachs Declares War on the Aussie Dollar

Is it possible to have up to $100 million and not have a penny to spend?

Actually, YES.

We’ll show you how.

Why I’m Bullish on These Beaten-Down Retail Stocks

Sales are down. Shoppers are buying more and more stuff online. Some retailers are even going bust – the Darrell Lea chocolate stores are a recent example.

Must be time to pack your bags and sell out, right?


The Greatest Australian You’ve Never Heard Of

He built one of Australia’s greatest ever small-cap mining fortunes and changed the course of history…but today practically nobody knows his name.

Here we resurrect this amazing tale – and remind us all of the potential profits than come from calculated punts and a healthy dose of vision.

Let us introduce the most influential Aussie who ever lived…

Three rockers for 2013

They are unproven…but have huge potential to do something big and make their early backers a lot of money.

We believe these three stocks should be top of your speculative investment list for 2013…