Will 2013 Show Us Up?

By MoneyMorning.com.au

Dear Reader,

Christmas is finally over and 2012 is almost over too.

For the final edition of Money Weekend we’ve brought you a taste of this year’s most popular articles (and more).

There’s plenty of food for thought below, but only 2013 and beyond can really tell us how it will all stand up.

But see what you think!

Here’s to a great new year for you.


Callum Newman

Editor, Money Weekend

The Sales Secret that Screams DANGER for Australian Banks in 2013

Find out why this salesman’s ‘tie down’ technique virtually guarantees Australia’s budget will end up in the red next year…

The funny thing is, thanks to this trick most Aussies will support it!

If This Red Flag Goes Up For This Doomed Currency, Buy it!

History says paper currencies always die.

Here we predict one currency heading towards destruction…and why you should keep an eye on it.

How to Survive the Implosion of the Australian Economy in 2013

Hard-hitting film exposes three coming ‘detonations’ in the Australian financial system.

Why China Wants a Higher Gold Price Later, Not Sooner

The Chinese are as gold hungry as ever.

They’re the world’s biggest gold producer…the largest gold buyer…and not one single ounce leaves their shores.

Find out what’s really going on here.

A Tale of Oil and African Pirates

For all the talk about replacing oil as an energy source, it’s still the world’s most important form of energy. That means high prices are here to stay.

But it’s not just Middle East dictators who will pocket the profits. Aussie companies investing in new energy frontiers are set to profit too.

The Most Important Aussie You’ve Never Even Heard Of

You’d think the man who made one of Australia’s greatest family fortunes, and changed the world in the process, would be a household name.

But most people haven’t even heard of him.

Today we reveal his story.

Lies Lies Lies!

You can never really protect yourself from this government DECEPTION….but you can minimise its impact.

Here we discuss one proven way to protect yourself from the Great Wealth Destroyer.

Could These Four Cash-Paying Income Stocks Save Your Retirement?

They have the power to pay out thousands in cash every year…even if their share price drops.

All is revealed right here.