This ‘Strategic’ Minerals Stock Has Just Doubled: What to Do Next







Without the first, most people will die within a couple of minutes.

Without the second, you could survive for a few days, but that’s all.

And according to Forbes magazine, the third, fourth and fifth items are the most important and healthiest food items you can eat.

Bottom line: if you’ve got access to air, water, berries, beans and nuts, you should be able to at least survive at a subsistence level.

It’s something worth remembering for when economic Armageddon hits the world and you need to stock up your bunker.

Those elements and foods are the necessities of human life. But as an investor it’s pretty hard to make a profit from any of those five items.

But what if there was a crucial element that you could profit from? An element that’s set to become a necessity of industrial life?

As it happens, such an element does exist, and you can profit from it right here on the Australian Securities Exchange…

It’s a story our old pal, Diggers & Drillers editor, Dr. Alex Cowie has followed for some months.

He finally took the plunge by tipping a particular stock to his readers five weeks ago.

Today, those readers who followed the Doc’s advice are up over 150%. That’s pretty good when the broader market has fallen almost 10% over the same time.

The element the Doc plumped for is graphite.

When you ask most people to name the uses for graphite, they’ll say pencil leads…and that’s all.

But for anyone who’s read Dr. Cowie’s latest research report, titled Welcome to the World of “Strategic Mineral” Investing, they’ll know there’s more to graphite than pencils.

The importance of graphite is highlighted by the fact that it’s high on the Royal Geological Society’s list of strategic minerals. Strategic minerals include those minerals that meet specific criteria – such as a concentration of production in one country.

In the case of graphite, China dominates world production. It accounts for three-fourths of the world’s graphite supply.

You can see how limited and concentrated the graphite supply is on the map below:

graphite supply

Source: Wikipedia

As the map shows, China is the single largest producer. For now anyway. But that may be about to change…

World’s Largest Graphite Deposit?

Before we go on, just what is so special about graphite?

To be precise, it’s not graphite Dr. Cowie is interested in, it’s graphene. In his latest report, the Doc explained graphene’s unique qualities:

‘Graphene is a one-molecule-thick sheet of graphite.

‘The carbon molecules line up in hexagons. Close up it would look like chicken wire. It is stronger than diamond, is more elastic than silk, and conforms to any shape. It conducts electricity at the speed of light, and can transmit 1000 times more electric current than copper…

‘IBM has already used graphene to produce the fastest computer chip in history.’

That’s some mineral.

So you can see why Dr. Cowie got so excited when he came across a stock that could own the world’s largest graphite deposit.

If everything goes to plan, the stock he’s backed could end up with a multi-billion-dollar valuation…many times the stock’s current value.

Of course, as with any speculative small-cap resources punt, nothing is certain. The Doc knows there’s still a long way to go before the company gets near production.

But that hasn’t stopped the share price from putting in a tremendous run.

So, is the stock still worth buying even though it has more than doubled in five weeks? Or should investors wait for the price to fall back first?

To find out Dr. Cowie’s latest advice on this high-tech strategic minerals play, click here.


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