March 2012 Headlines at Central Bank News

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Following is a list of all the headlines on Central Bank News during the month of March. The most notable developments during the month included a 75 basis point interest rate cut by Brazil, India cutting its reserve ratio by the same amount, several rate cuts in emerging and lesser developed economies, enhancements to the Bank of Japan’s loan program, and the introduction of a new monetary policy rate in Zambia.

Bank of Uganda cutCentral Bank Rate 100bps to 21.00%

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February 2012Headlines at Central Bank News

BulgarianNational Bank Reduces Base Rate 3bps to 0.15%

Central Bank ofDominican Republic Holds Rate at 6.75%

Reserve Bank ofAustralia Keeps Rate on Hold at 4.25%

Central Bank ofKenya Holds Lending Rate at 18.00%

National Bank ofPoland Keeps Rate on Hold at 4.50%

RBNZ Keeps OCR OnHold At 2.50%

Brazil CentralBank Drops Rate 75bps to 9.75%

ECB MaintainsPolicy Settings, Holds Rate at 1.00%

Bank of KoreaKeeps Repo Rate on Hold at 3.25%

Reserve Bank ofIndia Cuts Reserve Ratio 75bps to 4.75%

National Bank ofSerbia Keeps Rate on Hold at 9.50%

Bank of EnglandHolds Rate at 0.50%, APP at 325B

Central ReserveBank of Peru Keeps Rate at 4.25%

Bank of CanadaKeeps Overnight Interest Rate at 1.00%

Bank NegaraMalaysia Holds Overnight Policy Rate 3.00%

Bank IndonesiaPauses BI Rate at 5.75%

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State Bank ofVietnam Cut Refinancing Rate 100bps to 14%

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Bank of MozambiqueCuts Rate 125bps to 13.75%

Bank of JapanAnnounces 2 trillion yen Enhancement to Loan Program

Central Bank ofRussia Holds Refi Rate at 8.00%

US FOMC HoldsMonetary Policy Settings Unchanged

HKMA Follows Fed,Holds Rate at 0.50%

Central Bank ofSri Lanka Holds Repo Rate at 7.50%

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Norway CentralBank Cuts Policy Rate 25bps to 1.50%

Reserve Bank ofIndia Holds Repo Rate at 8.50%

Central Bank NewsLink List -15 March 2012

Swiss NationalBank Keeps Monetary, Currency Policy Unchanged

National Bank ofRwanda Holds Interest Rate at 7.00%

Banco Central deChile Holds Rate at 5.00%

Banco de MexicoHolds Interest Rate Target at 4.50%

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Bank of MauritiusCuts Benchmark Rate 50bps to 4.90%

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Central Bank ofNigeria Keeps Policy Rate on Hold at 12%

Central Bank ofEgypt Cuts RRR 200bps to 12.00%

Bank of ThailandHolds Interest Rate at 3.00%

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Central Bank ofIceland Hikes Rate 25bps to 5.00%

Taiwan CentralBank Holds Rate at 1.875%

National Bank ofUkraine Cuts Discount Rate 25bps to 7.5%

Central Bank ofColombia Holds Rate at 5.25%

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Bank of IsraelKeeps Interest Rate on Hold at 2.50%

Central Bank ofTurkey Maintains Policy, Repo Rate at 5.75%

Magyar NemzetiBank Keeps Base Rate at 7.00%

Bank al-Maghrib ofMorocco Cut Rate 25bps to 3.00%

National Bank ofBelarus Drops Rate 200bps to 36.00%

National Bank ofKazakhstan Drops Rate 50bps to 6.50%

Central Bank NewsLink List – 29 March 2012

Banca Nationala aRomaniei Cuts Rate 25bps to 5.25%

Bank of AlbaniaCuts Interest Rate 25bps to 4.25%

Georgian CentralBank Holds Refinancing Rate at 6.50%

Ceska NarodniBanka Holds Repo Rate at 0.75%

South AfricanReserve Bank Holds Policy Rate at 5.50%

Banco Central delUruguay Holds Interest Rate at 8.75%

Bank of ZambiaIntroduces New Policy Rate at 9.00%

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