Forex Demo Accounts: The Training Field for New Traders

By Alvi Erine

Forex trading can be your road to make big bucks but beginning of this road may not be smooth and it may take you a while to get used to driving your trading accounts and learning to maneuver the bends and pitfalls of the forex market. Forex education process can be an equally expensive if you blindly jump into the market without preparation.

Forex brokers offer you the options of high leverages which can lead to make bad sized risky trades which may ruin your account terribly. The good news is that one can learn forex in a non-detrimental way by using a tool popularly known as Demo Trading Account.

A forex demo account is a feature offered by most brokers. It is a demo account which comes with a fictional account balance. It behaves the same way a real account behaves in terms of market movements, trades and leverages. You can practice and learn about trading using these accounts without the risk of losing out on real money as the money is just virtually there in your account. Let’s see how practicing on a demo account, whether you are starting out or you are an experienced forex player, is always good idea.

Free and easily available

Demo accounts are provided by brokers free of cost. All they need is your name and e mail address .They offer you these trial versions for different durations, a good broker will offer you a demo account for unlimited time. It is always optional for you to register a real account with the same broker so you can try other as many brokers before you decide on one.

Test a trading system or a software tool

Developing a trading system is one of the most important things for forex success. Forex demo accounts offer you to test your trading ideas, strategies and software tools (indicators or robots) without risking your money.

Helps you understand the trading platform

The forex broker provides you with a trading platform but understanding it and learning to use it comfortably can take time. A demo account will help you test all functions and explore all options of the without the risk of losing anything and in case you are not happy with it, you can always change to a broker with a better platform.
Helps you learn risk management

Risk management is the key to good trading.

Demo accounts effectively teach you to manage your risks in the market. They help you make your mind about trade sizes and risk sizes which you want to use for your system with no real money on the line.

Demo accounts can prove effective training grounds, giving you the forex education, the trade practice that you need to become good at forex without learning things the hard way.

About the Author

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