Best YouTube videos to get regular trading tips

August 5, 2020

By Adinah Brown

When you decide to enter the world of forex trading, you are faced with an outstanding possibility of profit-making, all accompanied by new terminology, skills to be learned, markets to understand, all of an entirely new and complex venture. Some new traders decide to jump right in and learn as they go, risking in the process a tremendous amount of their wealth. Others however, wisely choose to seek training before they begin to trade. With the boon of information and training materials available online, all of it at no or little cost, there is no reason why you should tackle forex trading alone. Some of the tools available to help you obtain the information you need to begin trading and develop a trading strategy include demo accounts, tutorials, webinars, articles and a wealth of training and informational videos available from a variety of websites and YouTube.

When it comes to the best YouTube videos, we present a list to develop your basic trading skills, so you can start earning money in Forex, or at the very least don’t burn through all your money in the first few trades! We’ve asked a series of FX traders and have come up with a can’t-miss-list. Check it out

Keyser Soze.
In between a lot of swearing, Soze explains supply and demand concepts in a easy-to-understand and simple way. With 1,999 subscribers and 133,357 views under his belt, Soze is a guy to watch.

From Forex trading for beginners to Forex trading psychology, charts and techniques, fxinfoonline teaches through its YouTube videos, some simple FX trading strategies and how to develop and maintain the right mindset to make that strategy work for you. Having started in July of 2011, fxinfoonline has established 7,526 subscribers and has been the subject of some 1,217,992 views.

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Forex Traders Daily.
From News and market analysis to training tools, Forex Traders Daily brings you a ton of useful information through its YouTube channel and website. A favorite to 3,633 subscribers, Forex Trading Daily is a great resource to help you learn to trade FX as news hit the wire.

Learn how to trade Forex but skip the sales gimmicks watching the videos of wallstreet2easystreet. The guy behind this channel, Allen Barry, is a profitable Forex, equities and options trader that after figuring out for himself what works and what doesn’t, has set a goal for himself to help others. His motto: traders helping traders.

Forex Live.
Although they don’t have a stream schedule and the frequency of their posting is not high,The ForexLive YouTube channel has some great pearls of wisdom about trading forex and brings you the best news accompanied by commentaries from experts in the industry so you can search through the clutter and analyze the pieces of information that can impact the forex exchange market.

About the Author:

Adinah Brown is a professional writer who has worked in a wide range of industry settings, including corporate industry, government and non-government organizations. Within many of these positions, Adinah has provided skilled marketing and advertising services and is currently the Content Manager at Leverate.