How Is Winning the E-Commerce Battle

April 12, 2019

As today’s retail world becomes more and more competitive with both brick-and-mortar stores and online, it is those companies that choose to be progressive with their thinking and marketing that will rise to the top. As China’s top online retailer and its largest overall retailer, is changing the way companies do business each and every year. But even with its success, the company is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its customers and stay ahead of its competitors. In doing so, it is determined to win the e-commerce battle, while along the way increasing its presence as a fashion force with which to be reckoned.

Building upon what company founder Richard Liu started, president Xia Ding is helping the company lead the way as it begins its foray into the world of high fashion. Noting that wealthy Chinese shoppers now want and expect only the best, she is working with many others within the company to establish not only a stronger online presence in this area, but also incorporate the various aspects that have made Jingdong a success into its new emphasis on luxury products.

With an established track record of selling authentic products, it comes as no surprise that Xia Ding and others at Jingdong are anxiously awaiting to see the results of their hard work pay off with consumers across China. Focusing on the individuality she knows Chinese consumers consider to be very important, she and other company executives are striving to create a luxurious e-commerce experience for each and every customer.

In being able to control its own supply chain, Jingdong is taking the foundation built by Richard Liu and transforming the company in new and exciting ways. As Xia Ding notes, Jingdong is known as a company which sells only the best and most authentic merchandise possible, allowing consumers to trust that the products they purchase from the company will indeed meet their needs and high expectations.

But to stay successful in the coming years, Xia Ding knows it will take far more than simply selling great merchandise. Along with this, Jingdong is also committed to establishing new and profitable relationships with numerous brand partners, which will in turn allow it to offer even more luxurious and innovative products to its customers.

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Using her vast marketing knowledge and strong determination to see Jingdong become bigger and better than ever, Xia Ding is extremely excited about the prospects that are ahead in the coming years. Working with numerous Chinese fashion designers as well as other designers from across the world, she and other company executives eagerly anticipate the response customers will have to the new clothing lines, accessories, and other luxurious products that will soon be made available.

In describing her leadership style, Xia Ding notes she is constantly striving to reinvent herself to meet the changing needs of the company and its customers. Because of this, she encourages her team of executives to do the same. By always being willing to take the initiative and look at problems as challenges, Xia Ding believes she will be able to continue growing in ways that will help Jingdong become the company that will lead the way into a new and exciting era of e-commerce.

With many more areas in which to conquer within today’s business world, Jingdong and Xia Ding know the competition will only get more intense in the coming decades. Because of this, she and other company executives are not only relying on the founding principles of Richard Liu, but also on the new and innovative thinking that goes with today’s retail environment.

By Taylor Wilman