AUD struggles in market enviroment

May 18, 2018

Article by ForexTime

The Australian dollar got some positive news for a change as it faced off against the USD and won a round for the bulls after a month of bearish pressure. This has been positive on the fact that the Australian economy in the employment sector has performed better than most expected with Australian employment coming in at 22.6K ( 20K exp) and the unemployment rate lifting to 5.6% (5.5% prev) on the charts as a result. For now the Australian dollar continues to find itself under pressure, with the labour market being the only strong point. Despite all of this the Reserve Bank of Australia continues to look for positives for the future, with inflation being a key compontent for any future rate rises.

The AUDUSD continues to climb high, but only on the back of weaker currencies as of late. The AUDUSD failed to make it through resistance at 0.7506 as traders are quite bearish above that level of pace that the AUDUSD continues to go through. Traders will be looking ot see if the market can indeed pressure here and breakthrough, but in reality it could be another bearish test followed by further pressure on 0.7472. I would expect in the long run that we could potentially see an extension to 0.7371 on the charts if the USD strength continues to be a mainstay for the market. All in all the AUDUSD finds itself in a unique position and I would expect to see further bearish pressure unless anything radical comes about in the markets.

The other key mover has been EURUSD which has struggled to find its feet under immense pressure from the USD but also weakness in Europe surronding Iran and Italy. The market has been looking for strong words from the EU and how much the Italian goverement changes will influence the EU, but so far it has shown little promise of anything radical in the way of changes. Despite all of this the EURUSD is always a favourite for traders and has slid down the charts reflecting USD strength. If we do see futher politiacl pressure we could see the EUR drop further against all major pairs.

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One of the key areas has been support has been 1.1760 which has so far defending againt any and all bearish movements lower on the charts. It’s unlikely this key level will hold in the long run and we could see further slippage down into the low 1.10 levels if the USD strengthening continues. I would expect that any movements higher are likely to find strong resisstance at 1.1825 on the charts as this level has come under pressure in the past.

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